The House of Representatives will vote Thursday on a Republican bill that would ban abortions sought because of the unborn child’s gender.  The original version of the plan also banned abortions based on race, but the revised version focuses solely on gender.  Iowa Rep. Steve King is one of the leading proponents of the bill.  He explains how recent politics prompted sponsors to remove the racial component of the bill.  In an additional hurdle for supporters, House Republican leaders are bringing up the plan for consideration without going through the usual committee process.  That means passage will require a two-thirds majority rather than a simple majority.  Rep. King is fine with that decision, saying it should be a no-brainer to ban the killing of baby girls just because they are girls.  Some pro-choice advocates are opposing the bill on the grounds that it punishes Asian-American women who are raised to prize male children over females.  King says that argument fails the logic test since the legislation would save the lives of many Asian-American females.  The congressman admits it may be tough to get a two-thirds majority but vows to press on through regular order if Thursday’s vote is defeated.