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Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney says Nikki Haley is cut from the same mold as the most successful American ambassadors to the United Nations and says President Trump must find a successor who truly believes in his foreign policy.

Haley announced this week that she will step down at the end of 2018. Trump says he hopes to nominate a successor within the next few weeks.

Haley says the great accomplishment of the past two years is winning back respect, noting that other nations may not like our policies but they know we will keep our word.

Gaffney says Haley’s tenure at the UN reflected the Trump agenda very well.

“She has been a tireless defender of America against all attacks. She has been a catalyst for really tough love for the United Nations and its various corrupt and malfeasant entities,” said Gaffney.

“She’s very much in the mold of some of the truly great UN ambassadors from the United States: Jeane Kirkpatrick, Daniel Patrick Moynihan (and) John Bolton come to mind,” added Gaffney.

“I would hope very much that the president will replace her with someone with both a similar capability and in terms of clarity of their admiration and, indeed, love for our country and vigor in willing to defend her,” said Gaffney.

Gaffney says it is imperative for Trump to find a successor who shares his vision for the world. He says hiring someone who clashes with Trump on policy will be counterproductive.

Former Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell was widely touted for the job until removing her name from consideration on Thursday. Gaffney is relieved Powell is off the short list given her performance at her previous job.

You don’t want somebody as an ambassador representing out government, representing this administration, representing this president who is at odds with the policies of the president.

“That was certainly true of Dina Powell during the time she served under H.R. McMaster, the National Security Adviser. I called them the insubordinate subordinates,” said Gaffney.

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