Listen to “Simpson Remembers Bush’s Selflessness” on Spreaker.

Former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson offered a tribute Wednesday at the Washington funeral of former President George Bush. Simpson recounted how Bush – riding immense popularity following the Gulf War – reached out and publicly supported Simpson at one of his lowest points.

“At this time, his popularity rating was 93 percent.  Mine was 0.93 percent,” said Simpson, in recounting Bush’s invitation to spend the weekend at Camp David and walking to the helicopter in front of the media.

“I said, ‘George, I am not unmindful as to what you are doing.  You are propping up your old wounded duck pal.  While you’re at the top of your game, you reach out to me while I’m tangled in rich controversy and taking my lumps,'” said Simpson.

Listen here for the entire short story and to hear how Bush replied to Simpson that day.