Listen to “Green New Deal: What Would Our Future Be Like?” on Spreaker.

Progressives like New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are embracing a “Green New Deal,” aimed at saving the planet from the effects of climate change, but what does the plan really call for, is it realistic, and what would be the impact on the U.S. if we pursue it?

To begin, the Green New Deal calls for and to fossil fuels and cars that use them by 2030.

Power the Future Executive Director Daniel Turner says that’s where it starts but it gives the government power over many different areas of our lives.

“They call it the Green New Deal and it’s sort of under this guise of caring about the environment.  But the Green New Deal also talks about things like a guaranteed living wage for all Americans, a guaranteed job for all Americans, free education, free health care.

“This is what the left does a lot.  They take something like the earth and say everyone wants a clean earth.  We want a clean earth.  We want clean air and clean water, as do I.  But then they sneak in all these other provisions that have nothing to do with green.

“It sounds like the New Deal of FDR.  It is just an over-encroachment of government in the lives of Americans.  That’s why they try to hide some of those other details,” said Turner.

Listen to the full podcast as Turner explains why it is literally impossible to abandon fossil fuels by 2030, what would happen to our country and our economy if we could, and what the cost of all this would be on taxpayers.