Listen to “Green Deal or Con Job?” on Spreaker.

On Friday, supporters of the Green New Deal released details that one conservative analyst says is proof that the “green agenda” is not about the climate at all but rather a major push for a bigger and more powerful government.

“There’s some real tells in here. It’s not about the climate. There’s no assertion (about) what the temperature would be or that the temperature would be any lower.

“It’s in the name of climate change but there’s something immoral about imposing policies in the name of averting a catastrophe that you don’t claim – and no one claims – would actually impact the alleged looming catastrophe,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner.

The Green New Deal calls for government-guaranteed jobs and health care for everyone, and safety net for those unable and even those unable to work.

The plan also calls for the end to fossil fuels by 2030 the hope that air travel would also be unnecessary by then. Supporters says paying for it up front is not critical because of the economic transformation resulting from an economy based on renewable fuels.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Horner discuss whether renewables can bring about an economic boom and why he believes just laughing off this proposal would be a very mistake.