Listen to “Kavanaugh Fight Fires Up GOP Voters” on Spreaker.

While the fate of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination remains up in the air, Senate Conservatives Fund President Ken Cuccinelli says the fight is uniting Republicans in a way that he thinks will dramatically boost GOP enthusiasm heading into the midterm elections in less than five weeks.

Predictions of a blue wave have dominated political chatter even though the Senate map strongly favors Republicans.  Ten incumbent Democrats are running for re-election in state won by President Trump and pickups in Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana and even Montana and West Virginia are possible.

Democrats are champing at the bit to elect Democratic majorities to challenge President Trump and special elections show Republicans have struggled mightily to match the passion on the left.

Cuccinelli says the Kavanaugh fight seems to be changing that.

“The Democrat base was already fired up, so the enthusiasm gap is closing and that’s a very good thing for Patrick Morrisey (West Virginia) and Matt Rosendale (Montana), really all the conservatives running,” said Cuccinelli, whose group is actively supporting Morrisey, Rosendale and Missouri Senate hopeful Josh Hawley.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says there will be a vote this week on the Kavanaugh nomination, leading some Republicans to fear enthusiasm among the base might ebb before Election Day.  but Cuccinelli says Democrats are doing a good job of making sure that doesn’t happen.

“They’re now saying things like, ‘Even if he gets on the court, this isn’t over.  We’re going to try to impeach him,'” said Cuccinelli.  “It lets the Republican base know, including apathetic voters who may or may not show up, that there’s still more at stake on this subject, even after the guy gets to the Supreme Court,” said Cuccinelli.

Listen to the full podcast to hear why red state Democrats who waffle on the Kavanaugh vote might be in more trouble than those who adamantly vote against him.  He also breaks down the tough fights facing Republicans in seats they already hold.