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Democrats and Republicans have high hopes in Tuesday’s midterm elections, and while Democrats are fired up to throw up political roadblocks to President Trump, Republicans are also energized by lacking consistency in their closing message.

Conservative syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock says Republicans should not be talking about the migrants headed for the southern border when Republicans boast the best economy in the past half century.

“We should be talking about the economy, the economy, the economy, the economy today,” said Murdock.

“I know the caravan, or as I call it the pedestrian invasion force, is obviously a very important issue, but the GOP has a gift that’s wrapped in gold foil.  We ought to be talking about that,” he added.

While President Trump has focused a lot of attention on the migrants in the final days of the campaign, Murdock says his brethren in the media are working overtime to make every bad story a reflection on Trump.

“(They’ve done) terribly, as usual.  no big surprise,” said Murdock.

Murdock singled out media coverage of the horrific synagogue murders in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27, when a self-described neo-Nazi who hates President Trump committed the deadliest crime against Jews in American history.

He says no matter what Trump did, the press was ready to pounce.

“All these people said the president needs to unify us, bring us together, let us all heal.  So he goes to Pittsburgh to meet with the rabbi at the synagogue and heal the survivors of this atrocity.  Then they attack him for going there and say how dare you go there, when they’ve been begging for him to heal the country.

“Had he not gone there, the people in the media would have screamed, ‘How come he hasn’t gone there to heal the victims?’  So, no matter what the president does, these jackals in the old guard media will attack him mercilessly, non-stop, no matter what he does,” said Murdock.

The biggest energizer for Republican voters was the Democrats’ treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  For Democrats, they’ve been amped up to stick it to Trump at the polls since the day he won the presidency.

“The Democrats have pretty much been energized since election night two years ago.  They expected Hillary Clinton, the dutchess of Chappaqua, to rise to the throne of the throne at the White House, for which I guess she was born to serve.  That didn’t work out and they’ve pretty much been in a foaming at the mouth situation ever since,” said Murdock.

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